What if Math 2.0

Over the past year, we have been working to combine our spreadsheet math lessons (downloaded more than 20,000 times) into digital age problem solving Courses that promote readiness for school transitions and prepare students for STEM careers. We developed a new model for creatively solving digital age problems that we call Functional Thinking. And we built a new website to enable you and your students to flexibly use our Courses, Modules, and Labs.

Go to our FREE whatifmath.org and see:
Gallery: Over 100 Labs (problem-based-learning lessons)
Content: Courses to develop creative problem solving skills
About: A visual introduction to Functional Thinking
Blog: Our Tips for Digital Age Problem Solving.
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If you dream of students becoming creative digital age problem solvers who understand and effectively use math, spreadsheets, and coding to succeed in STEM jobs, then join us at whatifmath.org.

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