Are you ready to learn math as a laboratory science?
Are you ready to be a creative problem solver?
Are you ready for the spreadsheet revolution?
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  FREE student lessons (Labs) at all levels 

  • Spreadsheets encourage exploration and experimentation
  • Enable every student to succeed
  • Develop 21st century Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, and Communication Skills

  Use the power of Functions and Functional Thinking  

  • Visualize concepts with linked representations
  • Build and use problem solving models

  Our Readiness Courses prepare students  

  • For their next challenge in school or career
  • For a fresh start in Middle School, High School, or College

  We integrate STEM/STEAM skills  

  • Experiment like a Scientist
  • Code like a Techie
  • Model like an Engineer
  • Design like an Artist
  • Solve like a Mathematician

  We focus on Student-Centered-Learning  

  • Problem-Based-Learning using Design Thinking
  • Creative problem solving
  • Asking “What if…”
  • Emphasis on student choice and engagement


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