Build understanding through engaging, exploring, experimenting, & asking “What if…”

Prepare to be a STEM problem solver
Learn to reason quantitatively and creatively

Develop spreadsheet mastery

Our Challenges: Problems of the Week

Our Labs are challenges to students to solve problems, to look for patterns, to think creatively and ask “What if…” You can use them to do more than give your students a break from the usual math routine, to make them think, to become spreadsheet mavens, to code, and to learn to think functionally. Subscribe to receive our next POW by email this week.



Our Vision

“It has been called the most important concept in mathematics. It birthed the scientific revolution. It enabled computer programming. In the latest incarnation, spreadsheets, it revolutionized business. Yet few of us can name it; still fewer of us can define it; and it is unlikely even a handful of us know its evolution. This idea that changed the world will now enable every child to learn mathematics as a creative experience.” 


Design Thinking + Functional Thinking + UDL

Functional thinking is design thinking – a new way to learn math and to reason quantitatively. Here’s Ryan’s research project linking Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and spreadsheet math. Learn more here.