Problem Solving for the Digital Age

Learn differently.

Our FREE What If Labs and courses develop the functional thinking skills every student needs in the 21st century. 

Functional Thinking

Learn to use functions to creatively solve problems, using spreadsheets to visualize problems, organize data, construct a model, iterate the model, and then ask “What if?”.



Learn differently! Imagine case study/problem-based-learning lessons so successfully used in graduate schools now designed for all K-12 students using web technology as laboratories.




Become an entrepreneur, pass AP Calc, learn to code, solve climate change, teach every student to solve story problems, by choosing one of our short courses or design your own. Start with Spreadsheets 101, use the course syllabus to open Labs, track progress, and keep a portfolio.


Bring STEM skills as well as content into your curriculum by using our spreadsheets as laboratories where students learn by experimenting, by coding, by reasoning quantitatively, and by asking “What if?”.


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