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Powers of Ten

Picturing exponential growth, powers of 10, can be hard for any of us but especially hard for most students to imagine. The spreadsheet has the flexibility to enable students to explore the powers of 10 and to get a visual image of them. They can see the difference in shape between odd and even powers, …


Number Lines

Number Lines introduce students to functional thinking and the use of formulas in spreadsheets. For younger students we call these formulas “rules” and ask students to build a variety of number lines using rules. For example they can build a whole number line by creating a rule that adds 1 to the number in the …

Introducing Spreadsheets

Introducing Spreadsheets

In introducing Spreadsheets we want you to learn to build a numberline by using a rule (a formula). We begin with a simple rule that you can copy and paste into the entire numberline. Then we want to add an input from another cell into the rule to give you a chance to change the numberline. And finally you build …



CO2 Growth

Spreadsheets offer us a nearly unlimited ability to develop and learn from case studies using real world data. We will focus mainly on climate change which is an area rich in possibilities and of great interest to students. In this case study we look at the production of carbon dioxide per person in the United …


Power Functions

Polynomials as a class of functions have some fascinating patterns. For example their shape changes dramatically based on whether their highest power if odd or even. So you can play with changing the power or changing the coefficient to see what shape the graph takes and the patterns you can expect. Download spreadsheet here – lab.powerfunctions


Peter’s Taxi

There are a wide variety of financial literacy problems. This is the kind of problem that appears on many tests. It does not ask you directly to find the cost of a taxi ride which includes both a fixed and variable amount. See if you can use this Lab to make this problem and problems …



Parentheses and Pi

Parentheses are very important in spreadsheets because like all programming spreadsheet formulas have to be very specific. A big formula, especially one like Viete’s approximation of pi likely will require us to think both in parentheses and in creating formulas that naturally build a series. This one is quite interesting and you will know if …


Inverse of a Function

Spreadsheets make it very easy to switch axes and add graphs. They enable students to play with what may have been difficult and abstract concepts like the inverse of a function. You may want to approach the inverse of a function by challenging students to fill in a table of values with a rule that …


Similar Triangles

Scatterplot graphs enable us to build shapes using spreadsheets. They are surprisingly flexible tools. And since they depend upon a table of value and that table can have both fixed numbers and rules, we can not only build shapes but change them and watch the graph immediately reflect those changes. In this lab we use …