What If: Summer Challenge

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Our new What if Math Course Catalog enables you to provide courses of study and syllabi with a unique spreadsheet interface from the more than 100 Labs in our Library. Organize, plan, and track work; load spreadsheet Labs directly from the syllabus; and add completed Labs to create a portfolio.

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It has been called the most important concept in mathematics. It birthed the scientific revolution. It enabled computer programming. In the latest incarnation, spreadsheets, it revolutionized business. Yet few of us can name it; still fewer of us can define it; and it is unlikely even a handful of us know its evolution. This idea that changed the world will now enable every child to learn mathematics as a creative experience.

UDL Research

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 8.55.02 PMThis past semester, Ryan took an insightful class at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education that focused on UDL compliance and implementation. This led to a research project that brought UDL and What If Spreadsheet Math closer than ever. Learn more here.

See for yourself why spreadsheets are the future of math education
What if… Problem of the Week
Probability: Flipping a Coin


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