“The publication in 1687 of Newton’s Principia Mathematica established mathematics as the methodological paradigm of theoretical science. Newton perceived patterns in the accumulated astronomical data of his time; he abstracted from these patterns certain general principles (whence Principia); then he used these principles to deduce patterns both known and unknown in the behavior of planetary bodies. His was a science of patterns rooted in data, supported by deduction, confirmed by observation.”  Lynn Arthur Steen, 1988

Choose an Experiment. If you are new to spreadsheets or to Excel, we suggest you start with Basics: Ins and Outs introducing spreadsheets, and then Basics: Times in 2 Steps to learn to use copy and paste and relative vs. absolute addressing, a critical spreadsheet concept. You will quickly become a spreadsheet maven. Then choose any Experiment that interests you. We have more coming so keep coming back. Enjoy and let us hear from you.

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